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Business Website – An Owned Media

Business Website is the most important Internet marketing tool in terms of owned media. The principal factors are its architecture, design and development.

The King is its frontend content. With the increasing use of Internet services, search engine crawlers explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify unique human being. One of its features eliminates the age-old practice of copy-pasting contents from similar websites.

Paradigm discourage indexing of duplicate contents!

Be in the rat-race or not, ALL Business Website crave for indexing in the search engine crawlers. Here comes the need for great content developers who can influence Your online marketplace.

Role Of Web Content Developer

A skilled web content developer performs extensive keyword research and competitor analysis well in advance, to understand the primary keyword and its secondary keywords and frame an exclusive piece of relevant content that addresses the problems of the marketplace.

For digital marketing, our web content developer are expected with following deliverables:

  • In-slide Story
  • Description
  • Hashtag

Role Of Our Graphic Designer

Understanding the customer journey through the sales funnel, our graphic designer crafts a series of graphics with a theme that matches with the taste of the marketplace for the above In-slide story content.

Role Of Sales Team

The Sales team also plays an important role in responding to the FAQ and the managers are responsible to read the marketplace through the teams to analyse and improve the customer journey for better ROI.


Spend Your hard-earned money wisely on quality; junking with contents in quantity for the sake of the frontend, can never influence the backend!

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